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operation space cat is go

Last day to bid on my Adventure Time originals! Auction ends tonight around 8 EST.

Thanks SO MUCH for all the shares, reblogs, RTs, etc. :D


All nine of the original drawings for my Adventure Time set I drew back in April are now up for bid on eBay. As a set. And with prints of each of them included. Help me spread the word! Or bid on them, which would be even better. :)

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In an effort to be a healthy financial provider for my son, I’ve put the original art for my last two Batgirl/Supergirl comics up for bid on eBay.

I rarely sell original art so this is a good opportunity to get something of mine if you’re interested. Both pages also include a full-color print of the final comic, which I guess is also something of a rarity now that I’m not selling those online any longer.

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The original pencils and inks for my SUPERGIRL/BATGIRL cover and comic. Now all wrapped up and ready to bid on eBay. :)

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