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Draw Me A Robot is a fun blog that spotlights an artist’s hardware and workspace. You are also expected to draw a robot.


1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Mike Maihack. I draw a used-to-be-webcomic now all-ages-graphic-novel-series called Cleopatra in Space. The first book is due out from Scholastic/Graphix sometime in 2014.

I draw other stuff too. Mostly superheroes. You can find me on:

2. What’s your hardware setup?

Computer: 2011 27” iMac: 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7, 12GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM

Draw & color on: Wacom Intuos 3 literally being held together by packing and electrical tape. Will most likely become an Intous 5 any day now.

3. What’s your workspace look like?

Currently it’s simply a drawing and computer desk against one wall of our dining room. I have a bulletin board above my drawing desk I use for inspiration/reference. On and in my computer desk are a bunch of toys, art books, and fashion catalogues. Oftentimes one of my cats is part of my workspace as well. He contributes nothing.

4. What tools do you use to make your cartoons?

I initially draw everything with a 0.5mm KOH-I-NOOR RAPIDOMATIC pencil filled with pentel blue lead. I erase (a lot) with a STAEDTLER Mars plastic. Depending on the type of drawing, I either “ink” with a 02 black Micron or a 0.7 mm KOH-I-NOOR RAPIDOMATIC pencil filled with pentel blue lead. I then use Photoshop CS5 to touch up my linework and/or color.

For black inked drawings, I tend to keep my initial drawing very loose and finish the rest digitally. But I always start of traditional.

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Throughout last year I Illustrated a fantastic book by author Mike Jung titled Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities- and that book is officially out this week! Better yet, the book is receiving some wonderful reviews including this one from Publishers Weekly. BEST yet, that review gives a good breakdown of the book so I don’t have to type it here. But for those too busy/lazy to click and look, the gist is this: superhero fanclub, giant robot, school-yard crush, evil plot, exciting twist, lots-of-action.

I illustrated the jacket and 40 or so interior illustrations for GG&SI, most of wich consisted of drawing said giant robot, a beefy superhero, a goonies-esque trio, and one punky young gap-toothed girl. Oh and pizza. I also drew a bunch of pizza. It was a great gig. I know I’m biased but I can’t recommend the book highly enough. It’s just super fun.

Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities is written by Mike Jung and published by Scholastic/ Levine. Available for purchase at booksellers everywhere and HERE.

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These drawings are now available as prints in my online store.

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A (very) quick little Valentine’s drawing for my wife, Jen, last night.

A (very) quick little Valentine’s drawing for my wife, Jen, last night.

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